Moving the Sandbox folder on another drive or partition

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J. L.

Moving the Sandbox folder on another drive or partition

Post by J. L. » Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:52 pm

Currently, my downloads are saved in a folder on another larger partition, but SandBoxie's sandbox folder is on my system partition. I download large files (videos mainly) that requires a lot of time to move from one partition to the next when recovering.
Also, my hard drive is quite old, and isn't at the best of health, so I would like having it not do such work frequently.
Is there a way for me to move that folder and make Sandboxie use it?
All help will be appreciated.

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Post by Guest10 » Sun Jun 28, 2009 5:50 pm

You have a couple of choices. You can change the "container folder" to another drive.
From Sandbox > Set container folder
Read the note at the bottom of the window that opens, since you will no longer be using the original C:\Sandbox\(user)\ folder.

You could also put a sandbox folder on a different drive, and keep the one(s) you already have on C:.
All that is needed is to make a manual edit to your Sandboxie configuration.

I have a sandbox on K: drive, which happens to be a TrueCrypt volume.
I didn't use the (user) variable for that sandbox, so it's at K:\Sandbox
On the drive you want to use for the new sandbox, create a "Sandbox" folder in the root directory.
For me, that is K:\Sandbox

Use Sandboxie's Sandbox > Create New Sandbox
then give that sandbox a name
(I'll use TrueCrypt, but you use a name of your choice)
Use Configure > Edit Configuration and find the heading for the new sandbox, after it's created.
Insert a new line after the heading, like this:


Your sandbox name will already be in the brackets where I have TrueCrypt
Just put your own drive letter in place of K, and the rest of the line stays as-is.
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J. L.

Post by J. L. » Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:11 pm

Ok, thanks :D
Better than what I was looking for.

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