If I buy will it work

If it's not about a problem in the program
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If I buy will it work

Post by MeetThyDoom » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:06 pm

Okay, so I love this software, it's a really helpful tool. I used it to open two instances of steam and run two instances of the same game for multiplayer/recording purposes on my PC. However, I've been in hospital for the past two months and during then my free trial has obviously expired.

So now I get the following errors:
SBIE2303 Could not hook CreateProcessWithTokenW
SBIE2318 DLL initialization failed for 'advapi32.dll'

I'd like to know if I purchase a "home edition", as I am not a business, will these erros go away? And if they don't, should I then choose not to use this software, will I be eligable for a full refund of whatever license I buy?

Thanks in Advance

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Sandboxie Support
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Re: If I buy will it work

Post by Barb@Invincea » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:23 pm

Hello MeetThyDoom,

The differences between the free and the paid product are listed here:
You also get support for Office Click-to-Run.

Regarding the errors, here are 2 possibly related searches:
search.php?keywords=initialization+fail ... i32.dll%27

And here's more info about the sbie messages:

If you would like to troubleshoot the problem, please provide the required information:


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