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First, please try to find an answer to your question in this knowledgebase. A good place to start is the FrequentlyAskedQuestions section. If you can't find the answer there, you may have more luck searching the forum.

If you still can't find an answer, please post your questions and comments on the Sandboxie forum. It's preferable to discuss issues in a public forum, rather than a private channel such as email. This benefits everyone reading the forum, rather than just the person making the inquiry.

Nevertheless, if you feel your question or comment deserves private attention, please send your email to us at:

Questions or issues regarding licensing (product key not received, inqueries about commercial licensing, and so on) will be promptly answered.

For technical questions, feature requests, and suggestions, please use the forum and please do not send an email.

Email is not a useful channel for long and ongoing technical conversations. Problem reports sent by email will be met with a request to use the forum. Having said that, if you feel your problem report on the forum is not getting enough attention, you may send a reminder email, but please do not include technical details.

If you lost your product key, please see a related question in FAQ Licensing.

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