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Files And Folders View

Sandboxie Control > View Menu > Files and Folders

The Files and Folders View is a secondary view mode in Sandboxie Control. It displays the files and folders in each of the sandboxes, organized into a tree of folders, and grouped by sandbox name.

Within each sandbox, there are two top-level folders:

Use the small + or - icon, located at the beginning of each sandbox row, to expand or collapse the display of files and folders in the sandbox.

Context Menus

The Files and Folders View provides context menus for sandboxes and programs. To display a context menu for the item (sandbox or file or folder) in some row, do one of the following:

For a sandbox row, the context menu displayed is the same as Sandbox Menu -> Sandbox Sub-Menu. See there for a full description.

For a file or folder, the context menu offers these commands:

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