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FAQ Licensing

Questions and anwers regarding the licensing of Sandboxie.

Q. Is Sandboxie freeware or shareware?

A. Sandboxie is shareware software. The free version is missing a few features which are available in the paid version. After 30 days of use, the free version displays reminders to upgrade to the paid version, but remains functional. For personal use, you are encouraged, but not required, to upgrade to the paid version.
     •  For non-personal use (including commercial, educational, governmental, and not-for-profit use), Sandboxie must be properly licensed.

Q. Which features are available in the paid version?

A. Two features:
     •  "Force" programs: Automatically run programs under Sandboxie even when they are not started directly through Sandboxie. Programs can be "forced" by name or by containing folder.
     •  Run programs in more than one sandbox at the same time. This causes error SBIE1303 in the free version. The paid version also offers Office365 support, Office 2016 support and Office 2013 (Click2Run) Support and will also include any premium features in the future.
See also: Register Sandboxie.

Q. Do I need to license (pay for) Sandboxie multiple times, to use it on more than one computer at home?

A. Yes. You can use a single product key (which corresponds to a single license) of Sandboxie on one computer at a time. A VM or dual boot machine would need a license for the VM and the host machine (thus 2 licenses) This does not apply to non-personal use (including commercial, educational, governmental, and not-for-profit use).

Q. Can I use the Personal License on my computer at work, or a company-issued laptop?

A. Yes, under the special conditions that (a) you only use Sandboxie for activities that are unrelated to your work; and (b) that you get a separate Personal License for each such computer or laptop that you don't personally own. This means that you should get the Commercial License (no longer available) if you will be using Sandboxie as part of your work. This also means that you can't use the Personal License, which you got for use at home, on your company computers, so you will have to get separate licenses to use on each of your company computers.

Q. Are there discount pricing for students, small not-for-profit organizations, or other special cases?

A. At this time there are no discounts available. Please check back in the future as we do run promotions from time to time.

Q. As a computer vendor, can I distribute or resell Sandboxie?

A. Computer vendors and computer store owners who wish to bundle Sandboxie with computers they sell, can freely bundle the free, unregistered version without requesting permission. To discuss reselling licenses for Sandboxie, please Contact Author.

Q. I paid for Sandboxie but the program still displays a reminder to pay. What's wrong?

A. Your receipt for payment includes your Product Key. The Product Activation page explains how to your enter your Product Key into Sandboxie.

Q. The program says my product key has to be activated again in 180 days, will I need to pay for it again?

A. Your product key will remain valid throughout its expiration date and you will not have to pay for it again until it expires. However, if the order is refunded for any reason, your product key will be invalidated.

Q. How does Product Key Activation work in Sandboxie?

A. The Product Activation page discusses various aspects of online activation.

Q. I need my Product Key to be issued under a different name than my billing name. Is this possible?

A. Sandboxie Product Keys are not tied to your name. However you can still order on behalf of someone else if you wish: Once you enter the online store through the link in the Register Sandboxie page, you can select the checkbox for a "Different Billing Address" to enter billing details that are different from the delivery details.

Q. I lost my Product Key. Can you resend it to me?

A. Please search your mailbox for your receipt for payment, which includes your Product Key. If you cannot find the receipt, and this is the first time that you lose your Product Key, you can send an email to request that your Product Key be sent to you. (But see also the next question). However, if this is not the first time that you lose your Product Key, then please consider paying for a new license.

Q. When sending the email to ask for my Product Key, which email address should I use?

A. Your email address is used to confirm your identity, so be sure to email from the same email address you used when you placed the order. Without confirmation of your identity through the use of the correct email address, the Product Key cannot be sent to you.

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