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The Program Settings window is a quick way to configure some of the aspects of Sandboxie. To access the window, right-click on the name of a running sandboxed program to show the context menu, and select Program Settings:

(You can also use Shift+F10 or the View menu to show the context menu.)

The Program Settings window displays the sandbox where the program is running, the name of the program executable file, and checkboxes for the quick configurations settings. It is composed of two pages. Switch between the pages using the View Page 1 and View Page 2 radio buttons.

Page 1

Program Start

These settings control how Sandboxie handles programs that start outside any sandbox.

Program Stop

These settings control how Sandboxie handles this program stopping in this sandbox.

Page 2

These settings control which restrictions apply to this program.

Internet Restrictions:

Start/Run Restrictions:

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